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Rhino Jumbo Rhino Cedar Trunk - 40" x 22" x 20"

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This hand-crafted American Made Jumbo Rhino Cedar Trunk™ is constructed from Western Red Knotty Cedar. It will accent any room in the home or office. Its rich looking cedar wood, both inside and out, makes it a handsome piece of furniture.

One nice feature about Western Red Knotty Cedar is that its non-aromatic. It gives off a subtle wood aroma, not the overpowering smell of a cedar closet. Therefore, blankets and clothes won’t come out of the trunk with a strong odor. Like other Rhino Trunks™, the cedar trunk is built to high standards. Its conveniently sized and ruggedly built. In fact, its strong enough to stand on! The Jumbo Rhino Cedar Trunk™ is easily stowed and can be securely locked to insure the safety of personal items.


  • Home – storage, furnishings, blanket chest, etc…
  • Cabin/Cottage – storage, furnishings, blanket chest, etc…
  • Office – storage, furnishings, etc…


  • External dimensions – 40" L x 22" W x 20" H
  • Internal dimensions – 39.25" L x 21.25" W x 19.25" H
  • Storage capacity – 9.29 cubic feet
  • Empty weight – 46 pounds


  • Natural 3/8" non-aromatic Western Red Knotty Cedar exterior.
  • Entire frame and interior constructed of natural 3/8" non-aromatic Western Red Knotty Cedar. No paper or plastic lining anywhere.
  • Strong hand-crafted construction using both old world trunkmaking skills and advanced aviation rivet technology. Steel and aluminum aircraft rivets are used to ensure durability.
  • Heavy duty proprietary nickel plated steel latches and hardware
  • Heavy duty nickel plated steel lid hinges plus a nickel plated steel lid stay for keeping the lid propped open
  • Tight fitting steel tongue and groove lid to base closure to keep out moisture, dirt, insects, odors, etc…
  • Stylish lockable nickel plated steel trunk lock. Also has a loop for attaching a padlock.
  • Genuine leather handles on both ends (extremely durable)
  • Lifetime warranty – free non-cosmetic repairs for the life of the trunk
  • American craftsmanship
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1 Review

Hans Hansen 19th Aug 2020

Wonderful Trunk

This is a wonderful trunk and quit capable of being used for what trunks were made for, to move your possessions with ease and without worry. This trunk was used to move my son into his dormitory. It held up well and everything arrived safely.

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