How Many Days Should it Take for My Items to Arrive?

The following map is for any items shipping out of our facility in Rochester, NY. This includes Rhino Trunks and Accessories, and UMA Enterprises Trunks. Other brands ship out of other facilities. If you would like to know the transit times for those items, please call.

Please take a look at the map for an approximation as to how many days it will take for your package to be delivered once it leaves our facility. Find where you live on the map. Match the color of where you live to the chart on the bottom right of the map. Each color shows the number of days for delivery.

Listed below are the business days it takes to delivery across the country. FedEx delivers Tuesday through Saturday to residential locations and Monday through Friday to businesses. Please contact us if Saturday delivery is needed or if you have any questions. 866-439-4553 or