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Choosing your trunk: Your choice should be made based on personal preference, color, size, and whether or not you would like to put stickers or decals on your trunk. If you plan on using stickers or decals, choose a Sticker or a Naked trunk. The Naked trunk shows off its bare wood and can be painted, while the Sticker trunks are laminated with a smooth surface on the outside. The Armor trunks are laminated to have a fabric feel to it, and a traditional look. Zebra trunks have a soft and furry faux fur on the outside. Both the Armor and the Sticker come in a variety of colors, while the Zebra trunks come in pink, purple and white zebra print. Realtree trunks come with the distinctive Realtree® AP pattern laminated on the trunk.

If you are shipping your trunk to camp through an airline or shipping it via a UPS type service, we recommend the 
Indestructo Travel Trunk as it is extremely durable. The Large also meets checked baggage regulations for airlines.