Plain and simple, we love trunks and feel strongly that everyone should have at least one!

Over the past 10 years we have sold 60,000+ trunks that were used to solve countless storage problems.  But just in case you’re having trouble envisioning how your life may improve with a trunk, we‘ve provided a list of the most common and unique solutions we’ve seen to date.  Here it goes!

  • Memorabilia trunks store your children’s ever expanding collection of artwork, projects, and awards.
  • Camp Trunks – a summer camp staple – provides secure space for your gear, works as a bench, and as a platform to launch you into your bunk.
  • Magician’s & Entertainer’s Trunk – securely store you’re your most valuable stage secrets!
  • Wrapping Paper & Craft Storage – inserting tension rods on the inside of the lid allows you to store multiple rolls of wrapping paper and leaves you plenty of room for tape, bows, boxes, and ribbon.
  • Locking Liquor Cabinet – the Rhino Cube or any other similar sized trunk can keep your liquor supply secure.
  • College Trunks are extremely popular.  Functional and practical, a quality trunk in the dorm room allows you to secure your valuables – think passport, laptop, and jewelry – when away from your room. It also works as an added seat, platform, TV stand, end table, and added storage for clothes and shoes.
  • Trunk Sale retail displays – we’ve seen Rhino Trunks in BCBG, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, and countless other retail stores worldwide.
  • TV & Advertising props – Rhino trunks have had cameo appearances on The Amazing Race and How I Met Your Mother, Suburgatory, and Travel & Leisure.
  • Promotional Trunks designed with corporate or team logos can be very effective for a marketing campaign.  Direct inkjet printing on a Rhino Sticker Trunk was the winning combination for a Molson/Coors & NHL promotion.
  • Grandparents Present – give that special gift that, as years go by, will instill fond memories of you in your grandchildren.
  • Toy Trunks with soft close lid stays are a great and stylish addition to your family room.
  • Shipping Trunks/ATA Cases allow you to ship fragile gear by airlines or commercial carriers such as FedEx and UPS.
  • Tack Trunks can be found in stables, ranches, and farms across the country where rugged construction is appreciated every day.
  • Graduation Present – give that special graduate a useful, attractive, quality gift they will enjoy at school and keep for life.

No matter what type of trunk or footlocker you're looking for, Trunk Outlet has an option.  Our trunks have been used in residential, military, government, and commercial/industrial applications.  Choose from hundreds of possibilities including trunks as small as 20" to storage trunks up to 48" and 16 + cubic feet.  We can also accommodate custom sizes well over 48".  In larger quantities, we can provide trunks with logos and hundreds of color or pattern options.   Should you need further information, please call us at (585) 244-4553.

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