Child Tested and Parent Approved

Most trunks can't handle the weight of even one child standing on it, let alone an adult. When you've been making trunks as long as we have, you learn what it takes to make a great trunk. And a great trunk is exactly what we make. We understand that kids will be kids. They're going to jump on the trunk and they're going to abuse it. That's why we over-build each and every trunk!


The Award-Winning MCC Cheerleaders


That's 800 pounds of cheerleaders doing a routine on a Rhino Trunk.  The trunk is so strong that it could have held a lot more girls. If only we didn't run out of room!

Think of how well it well hold up in a normal situation like camp or college. On second thought, those situations aren't so normal. Kids really know how to abuse things. And that's why Rhino makes trunks so strong - to hold up to all the abuse that kids dish out.


Lucky Marr's Miata

Lucky writes:

"Here's the picture I promised with your trunk on my Miata. I had to have the leather straps made and I did fashion a plastic coated cable around it for security. Not sure yet whether I am going to paint the trunk the same color as the car. Should be very handy for our upcoming trip to N. Calif & Oregon as we will be gone for a month and the Miata's trunk just isn't that big".

"Every Miata owner that has seen mine so far (6-8) has thought it was a great idea and so did one BMW Z-3 owner out from New Jersey who had wanted to drive his car cross crountry but didn't have enough room in his trunk for clothes for 2 people. Everyone immediately identifies it with either European looking or Retro".

Lucky Marr

Hey, if we had a ride like this we'd call ourselves Lucky too!

If you have an interesting photo of our trunks and how you've used them, please send us an email and include a description and photo. Send to We'll be happy to post your photo. Also, keep sending the testimonials. Thanks!


Other Testimonials

"This trunk is truly the best trunk I have ever owned. I would recommend this product to anyone in the neighborhood for a long lasting product that is worth every penny. It is very well made, durable and extremely attractive. I get compliments on it at college." - J Berringer, Athens, GA

"I have always had a box in the trunk of my an Eagle scout, guess the mantra "be prepared" has been with me since I started driving almost 40 years ago. Your product keeps everything organized in my car, easily accessable and what I like most is the sturdy construction. Great quality & value. Thanks" - Anonymous Customer, San Diego, CA

"A great quality trunk, was bought at a great price. This is exactly what I was looking for and I found it here." - Mary Jane , Irving, TX

"I bought a trunk from you a couple of years ago for my son going to Kanakuk Kamp. We liked it so much, that we are now buying one for his younger brother who's going to camp for the first time this summer. And I'm sure we'll be buying one from you for their little sister when she's ready to go. Thanks for making such a great product." - L. Rogers, Kansas City

"I just received my XL Sticker Trunk today and wanted to let you know I could not be any happier. I was hesitant to buy a trunk without actually seeing it in person first becasue I have seen/owned so many cheaply made trunks in the past but this thing is built to last. After serving almost 22 years in the military I wish I would have purchased one of these about 10 years ago. It would have saved me the cost of the other 5 or so cases I have been through. Thanks for showing me there are still good quality built products out there that an enlisted man can afford. :)" -C. Hall

"Thank you for ending the fighting in my kids bedrooms. They were constantly going into each others rooms and stealing each others items. Now, they lock up their toys in their trunks. The stealing has stopped and so has most of the fighting. You'll notice I said "most of the fighting has stopped". Boys will still be boys! Thanks!" - B. Forbes, Cherry Hills, NJ

"This really is a great camp trunk. This is the first time our daughter (4th year) has come back from camp and the trunk was still in one piece. It held up perfectly. Hopefully, she'll be taking it to college." - Rob Goldfarb, Philly

"I just wanted to say that we are thrilled with our trunks. We bought six of the medium sized ones for storage in our basement. I was going to order the large ones, but Bob (one of your sales people on the phone) recommended the medium ones instead. He was right, they worked out perfectly. I'll be sure to pass your company on to my friends. Thanks!" - Janice Bloom, Baltimore, MD

"Thank you for shipping the trunk directly to my son's dorm room. He no longer has problems with his roomate eating his food. He not only locks his food in the trunk, but his expensive electronics as well. Thanks for a great product and fast service." - B. Rice, Chico, CA

"My kids are like the ones in the show, Malcolm in the Middle. They still haven't destroyed their trunks yet (they've tried though). You guys aren't lying! Your trunks are built to last." - Anonymous Customer, Sheboygan, WI

"We bought your cedar trunk and cedar cube for our winter home near Vail. They match beautifully with our rustic decor. We are really pleased with not only the looks of them, but the quality as well. Its tough to get a good idea of how a product is really going to look when see it on a website verses what it will look like in person. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the boxes to see that they looked even better in person. Thanks for making a quality product." - Mrs. Miller, Eagle, CO

We have quite a few more testimonials, but how many can you read?