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Shipping Information

Shipping Methods

Trunks, ours or anyone elses, are not designed to be used as shipping containers.  That includes shipping via UPS, FedEx, Airlines, etc...  The excessive abuse that the carriers put them through will dent or scratch all trunks.  If you are going to ship a trunk, we recommend you put it back in its original box and ship it in the box.  Also, you can purchase our Airline Trunk.  It is relatively inexpense and is made of molded plastic.  Its not very attractive, but it works.  If you need something beefier, please search the Internet for "ATA cases".  The are made specifically for shipping.  However, they are much costlier than trunks.

Most non-trunk items are shipped UPS Ground and are shipped from our facilities in 1-3 business days.  Trunks are shipped in 3-5 business days during camp and college season.  Other times of year they are shipped in 1-3 business days.  Jumbo and Super Jumbo Trunks are shipped in 5-10 business days during camp and college season and 3-5 bussiness days the rest of the year.  

UPS then takes another 2 to 5 business days to deliver your order (based on how far you are from our facilities-see map below). If you have a time constraint, please call us at 866-439-4553 to make sure we can get your trunk to you by the day you need it. If we know your deadline, we may be able to accommodate you. If you require UPS Next Day Air, UPS 2nd Day Air or 3 Day Select, please keep in mind that these services are very expensive.  However, our Air Shipping is considerably less than our competitors.  You can get an instant quote for Ground and Air Service by using the shipping calculator in the shopping cart. We do not ship to PO boxes or use the U.S. Postal Service unless it is an unusual situation or if we are shipping internationally. However, we do ship non-trunk items to APOs and FPOs (see below). All items are automatically shipped with insurance - there is no added cost to our customers for this service.


International Shipments

We accept international orders. Please email us at info@trunkoutlet.com for an international shipping quote.

Shipping trunks to the major cities of Canada generally costs between US$40 and US$165 per trunk via UPS.  The rate varies according to the size of the trunk.  If you live outside of the major Canadian Metro areas, please email us for a quote - please include your postal code.

Shipping trunks to Europe generally costs about US$200 or more via postal Air and takes 6 to 14 days to receive after we ship the trunk out. We don't ship via boat to Europe. Email us for a precise quote.

Customs, Duty, Import fees and Broker fees will vary from country to country. We do not know how much each country charges for these fees when a package is delivered internationally. Some countries charge them and some do not. TrunkOutlet is not responsible for any of these fees. The fees are the sole responsibility of the customer. If the customer refuses to accept delivery for any reason, the customer will still be responsible for all shipping charges.

Military Shipments

We are proud to supply our men and women in the military, as well as civilian contractors with most items on our website.  We can ship smaller items through the US Postal Service to APOs and FPOs.  However, trunks are too large to ship via the postal service and UPS does not deliver to APOS or FPOs.  Please contact us for a shipping quote prior to placing your order at info@trunkoutlet.com.

Shipping Cost

Trunks - UPS has increased their shipping costs again for 2009. Additionally, they charge a hefty fuel surcharge. UPS shipping will cost anywhere from $16 to $35 per trunk or cube. The cost depends on how far away the trunk or cube is going. We have found that the average cost to be around $19 per trunk or cube. There are no shipping discounts for any quantities under 15 trunks or cubes. If you are purchasing 15 or more trunks or cubes at one time and they are all going to the same address, please contact us at info@trunkoutlet.com.  WE DO OFFER SHIPPING DISCOUNTS WHEN YOU PURCHASE A TRUNK AND OTHER NON-TRUNK ITEMS ON THE SAME ORDER.  ANY ADDITIONAL ITEMS OTHER THAN BACK PACKS, NETPACK BAGS OR WHEELED DUFFELS SHIP FOR FREE INSIDE THE TRUNK.  YOU ONLY PAY THE SHIPPING COST ON THE TRUNK.

How Many Days Should it Take for My Items to Arrive?

Please take a look at the map for an approximation as to how many days it will take for your trunk or cube to be delivered once it leaves our facility. Find where you live on the map. Match the color of where you live to the chart on the bottom right of the map. Each color shows the number of days for delivery.