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Rhino Large Indestructo Travel Trunk - 32" x 17" x 13"

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Built to be abused!

Meets airline checked baggage requirements

The high-tech American Made Rhino Indestructo Travel Trunk is engineered with one purpose in mind: to withstand the abuse of airline baggage handlers and shipping companies. It is constructed of lightweight, yet extremely durable components. This allows it to be packed full and still stay close to the 50 pound airline weight limit (depending on what you pack in it). It meets the airline’s checked baggage regulations at 32“L x 17“W x 13“H or 62 linear inches. It comes as you see it – including Rhino’s specially designed, easy to use removable wheels.

The outer shell of the Rhino Indestructo Travel Trunk is constructed of RhinoTech™, a very strong, water resistant, crack proof fiber composite which saves weight while still providing superior protection. The Black RhinoTech™ is finished with an attractive satin clear coat and is laminated over Baltic Birch hardwood plywood. The combination of these two components provides structural integrity along with excellent rigidity and impact protection no matter how poorly it is handled. Combine Rhino’s proprietary heavy gauge polymer extrusions and overbuilt hardware and you have a trunk that will provide years of service. Like all cases and luggage, these trunks will show scratches and wear as they get used. However, this is normal and will not effect their functionality.


  • Airline travel
  • Cruise travel
  • UPS or FedEx shipping
  • Military deployment
  • Summer Camp – airline transport and use at camp
  • College – airline transport, secure storage, coffee/end table, seat, etc…
  • Business – transporting materials or equipment to trade shows, meetings, events, etc…
  • Moving


  • External dimensions – 32“L x 17“W x 13“H – 62 linear inches
  • Internal dimensions - 31”L x 16.125”W x 12.375”H
  • Storage capacity – 4.09 cubic feet
  • Empty weight – 24 pounds
  • Removable wheels are included


  • Exterior constructed of RhinoTech™ high-impact fiber composite. This gets laminated over Baltic Birch hardwood plywood.
  • Entire frame and interior constructed of smooth premium grade Baltic Birch hardwood plywood throughout. No paper or plastic lining anywhere. Therefore, you’ll never have a problem with peeling or tearing.
  • Strong hand-crafted construction using advanced aviation rivet technology.
  • Steel aircraft style rivets are used to ensure durability. The rivets are slightly exposed on the inside (about 1/16th”). This is done intentionally to provide maximum holding strength for the exterior hardware. The rivets are not sharp and will not catch on clothing.
  • Ultra heavy duty zinc plated steel latches, hinges and hardware.
  • Heavy duty lockable zinc plated steel trunk lock has a loop for attaching a TSA lock.
  • Tight fitting heavy gauge polymer tongue and groove lid to base closure to keep out moisture, dirt, insects, odors, etc…
  • Heavy gauge polymer edge protection.
  • Steel handles with foam padded grips.
  • Each Rhino Indestructo Travel Trunk™ comes with 2 nickel plated steel universal wheel adapter plates already mounted on the side of the trunk. This allows you to easily add or remove Rhino’s specially designed 200 pound rated wheels to your trunk anytime you want, anywhere you want in a matter of seconds. They’re extremely easy to use! No tools are needed, nor does the trunk need to be lifted to install them. Best of all, these advanced design wheels do not add any extra height to the trunk. Even with the wheels on, the trunk is stackable. The wheels come with this trunk at no extra charge.
  • Optional trunk anchor cable system for securely tethering the trunk to a bed post or similar structure. Keeps a thief from running off with your trunk.
  • Lifetime warranty – free non-cosmetic repairs for the life of the trunk (customer is responsible for shipping charges to the factory and back).
  • American craftsmanship – Proudly Made in the USA!
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4 Reviews

Gary Leo 4th Jan 2019

Rhino indestructo travel trunk

I wanted to waite till i had a round trip shipping before i wrote a review. I am glad i was talked into buying the rhino because , on the ship to by ups a piece of the molding on the top back right corner was broke off, and on the return, the tsa lock was missing. The insurance only covers inside contents. Nothing was broke just tossed around, nothing missing. I had 48 lbs. Sending it out and 47 lbs. Returning. Any other less built one probably would not make it. Some suggestions: need larger hole on closure for larger lock, need handles on front side, there should be permanent wheels. After all that I still like it.

HA 16th Jan 2018

Lg Indestructo Travel Trunk

Going to buy another! Last year our oldest went off to school overseas. We needed a travel trunk that could withstand being shipped on an ocean liner but be an acceptable size to return on a commercial passenger airplane. We figure it should also last a lifetime and be able to serve as a coffee table/storage unit for a young adult until they can buy ‘real furniture’. This has fit all these demands. Now kid 2 is going to school across the country so it is their turn to get one. Plan to do it again for kid 3. Ordering, delivery, timing all smoothe and reliable also. Only complaint is the ‘word code’ lock we bought from rhino at the time never fit & we had no time to dealing with this. Looks like they are selling different locks now.

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