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What to Look for in a Travel Trunk

Travelling with valuable equipment can be a daunting task. That’s why many of our travel trunks are some of the best-selling products we carry! If you’re in the market for a tough and reliable travel trunk for your next move, vacation, or extended stay abroad, check out this quick guide to learn about the features and functions you should be looking out for. We’ve also included a few of our favorite travel trunks so you can take a look at products that meet our strict criteria.


Any trunk needs to be tough. Whether it’s sitting by the bedside or being hauled across the globe, you’ll want to trust it to withstand the wear and tear of real-life use. For hard-cases this means stainless steel components, and either hardwood or composite bodies. Soft-cases can be ideal choices for travel too, but they still need to be strong enough to protect your valuables. Rugged, oversized zippers, reinforced seams, and ultra-strong nylon blended materials combine to create cases that will hold up to serious punishment while keeping their contents safe and sound.


You don’t want to find yourself lugging a cumbersome trunk through the airport or struggling to load it into the van on moving day. Our travel trunks have wheels either built in, or as options for attaching. The ability to attach simple wheel kits adds a new level of versatility to any trunk. As for soft cases, make sure shoulder straps are wide and handles are padded for maximum ergonomics.


Traveling means your luggage may be out of site for long periods of time. Don’t make your trunk an easy target. Ensure there are reliable spots to attach a pad-lock, and make sure you've attached them properly. Engraved name plates and luggage tags offer an additional level of customization that will keep your case from being mistaken with someone else’s and make it easier to identify if you should lose track of it. Interested in picking up some ultra-tough trunks or cases for your next trip? Check out some of our favorites:

Tenba Transport Car Case

This case features rugged hardware and construction materials to stand up to being carried, stowed, stuffed, and stashed day in and day out. It’s perfect for your next long road trip, and can be trusted to protect valuable equipment including photography gear and film equipment.

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Traditional Wardrobe Trunk

Wardrobe trunks are making a huge comeback these days. Their toughness and practicality make them hard to ignore. Outside they’re built with premium grade hardwood plywood and zinc-coated steel hardware. Inside they’ve got laminated wood drawers to keep your clothes organized and safe from moisture, insects, dirt, odors, and more.

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Indestructo Travel Trunk

These bad boys can be used to lug whatever goods you’ve got. From clothes to electronics, anything you need moved or stored will stay safe inside these indestructible trunks. They are incredibly popular among troops on deployment, summer campers, and college students who need their belongings brought on airlines, shipped through UPS or FedEx, or lugged around base or camp by hand.

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