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Our inspiration came from those wonderful traveling wardrobe trunks from a bygone era. The year was 1919. The great war was over. People the world over were starting to travel again. They’re preferred piece of luggage was a sturdy wardrobe trunk. In it they could store all the clothing they would need to endure long journeys. They weren’t always the most attractive piece of luggage, but were perfect for safely and neatly storing their clothing for the voyage. Today, wardrobe trunks are making a huge comeback. People are buying the old ones and fixing them up for use in bedrooms and around the home as interesting, inexpensive storage pieces. However, most of them are too far gone to hold up to travel. The interiors are ruined and actually, they aren’t large enough for today’s traveler.

We’ve had so many inquiries over the years that we decided to manufacture our own version of the old travel wardrobe trunk. Back in the day, people had far less clothing. It was also made differently. Few people had bulky sweaters for example. The old wardrobe trunks had small drawers, which wouldn’t work well for holding today’s fashions.

Our American Made hanging wardrobe trunks are wide and deep with a telescoping clothing rod on both sides. Its velvet lined for a clean look and for added clothing protection.

We ship the hanging wardrobe trunks to the home, office, hotel, etc… Once packed, they can be shipped over and over using any method you like. They’re designed to hold up to years of travel. All our wardrobe trunks are lockable insuring that your belongings are secure.


  • Dimensions: 42.5″H x 24″W x 18″D (see thumbnail with dimensions)
  • Weight – 68 pounds
  • Custom sizes and finishes available

Rhino Travel Hanging Wardrobe Trunks™ Quality Construction Features:

  • Ballistic Nylon laminated over 3/8″ premium grade Baltic Birch hardwood plywood.
  • Currently available in black ballistic only, however several colors will be added soon.
  • Entire frame constructed of smooth 3/8″ premium grade Baltic Birch hardwood plywood throughout.
  • Interior is lined with our Armor material in black
  • Strong hand-crafted construction using both old world trunkmaking skills and advanced aviation rivet technology. Steel aircraft rivets are used to ensure durability.
  • Heavy duty proprietary zinc plated steel hardware.
  • Two custom telescoping clothing rod that extends to 12.5″
  • Tight fitting tongue and groove lid to base closure to keep out moisture, dirt, insects, odors, etc…
  • Stylish lockable zinc plated steel latches. Each has a loop for attaching a TSA lock.
  • Each Rhino Travel Wardrobe Trunk™ has two heavy duty built-in wheels to make transporting easy .
  • Lifetime warranty – free non-cosmetic repairs for the life of the trunk.
  • American craftsmanship.
  • Made in the USA.

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